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How old do you have to be in order to dive?

You have to be at least 10 years old to dive, be comfortable in the water, and be able to carry 30 pounds on your back.

Will I experience motion sickness on the boat?

Seasickness affects everyone differently. If you’ve never been on the ocean, it’s probably a good idea to take some form of motion sickness remedy such as Dramamine or Bonine the night before and morning of your dive trip.

What are the rules for flying on a commercial airline and scuba diving?

You cannot not fly for at least 18 hours after your last dive however the recommended time is 24 hours. After you get off the plane, you can dive immediately.

Can non-divers come along for the ride on the boat?

A seat on the boat is $55. If someone would like to snorkel or just come along for the ride, all gear is included in that price.

How far in advance should I make a reservation?

Ideally, dive reservations should be made at least three days in advance, however we do take reservations as short as 12 hours prior to the dive charter. If space is available, we are more than happy to accommodate your diving needs.

Can I cancel my reservation?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for a full refund. Please plan and reserve your dive schedules accordingly. Cancellation or changes made less than 24 hours in advance will incur all charges.

How many divers on average will be on the boat?

Our custom 25′ Force dive boat the Submariner is Coast Guard Certified to safely transport 12 divers per trip however we usually take no more than 10. Our custom 39′ Force the Snoopy V is Coast Guard Certified for up to 28 people, but no more than 16 divers are typically on board. We limit our dive groups to 6 certified divers or 4 beginners per instructor and specialize in small groups and personal attention.

Do I have to be certified to scuba dive?

There is no scuba certification needed!!! The beginner dive tour (Discover Scuba Dive) is perfect for someone who wants to try scuba diving. The only requirement is that you pass a medical questionnaire. A doctors note will be required if there are any medical restrictions.



We offer daily tours for certified and non-certified divers for those willing to take the plunge and have the adventure of a lifetime! Specializing in small groups allows for the best scuba diving experience.



We are a PADI Five Star Instructor Development Center, offering scuba certification courses from PADI Open Water Diver to PADI Instructor, all at affordable prices. Our two USCG certified dive vessels available to beginners and certified divers.



As Waikiki’s only full-service dive center since 1979, we provide charters, PADI certifications, equipment sales, rentals, service and repair, and even deep sea fishing charters. Waikiki Dive Center does it all!


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