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Waikiki Dive Center is a one-stop-shop for all of your diving needs. We know diving, and we know what divers do. Although not everyone owns scuba equipment, we offer equipment and tank rentals. Just bring your certification card to our shop, and we’ll take care of you! If you’re looking to snorkel, you are in the right place. Come by the shop and pick up various well-made masks, snorkels, and fins. But wait, there is more. Join our Waikiki Dive Ohana Club and receive the extra Kama’aina specials.

At the Waikiki Dive Center, we only use top-quality high-performance gear for our divers. Our rental gear are ScubaPro, Oceanic, Mares and Aqualung. Our BCDs are the latest ScubaPro and Soffer, light in weight, a back inflation system including weight integration, with an Air2 Octo-inflator for comfort and convenience. In addition, both our short and full-body wetsuits offer warmth and a great range of motion and flexibility while underwater.

If you like our gear so much, ask for a discount to own for the best deal you wouldn’t find elsewhere.


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We also have a full-service repair department to service both scuba gear and tanks. With certified technicians on staff, we can answer any repair-related questions. In addition, Waikiki Dive Center, a Full Service Five Star Instructor Development Center, caters to all of your diving needs.

The Waikiki Dive Center Difference

  1. Our rental equipment only uses the most reliable high quality material and name brand
  2. Our rates are amongst the lowest in town, including packages

A Few Things To Remember When Renting Gear

  1. Pressurize regulator on a full tank to check for leaks and free flows
  2. Check all mouthpieces, looking for holes or tears
  3. Inflate BCD to make sure it holds air and all the dump valves work
  4. Make sure weight pockets are included on weight integrated BCDs
  5. Make sure tanks are full and tank valve o-ring is good condition
  6. Check visual inspection and hydro inspection dates on tanks if filling them
  7. Check zippers on wet suits to make sure they zip smoothly in both directions
  8. Turn dive computer on and make sure there is no low battery indicator
  9. Check all hoses for abrasions, tears, or kinks
  10. Familiarize yourself with alternate air source functions for breathing and oral inflation
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