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Quick Details

This is the best activity to do as a family because this guided shallow dive is designed for all levels of divers, certified or non-certified, student divers, new divers, and divers needing a refresher.   To ensure safety and our academic focus on learning to dive, we group divers by experience to ensure that no more than four non-certified divers will have a specialized dive instructor, whilst the certified divers will have a separate dive master or dive instructor.

In exemplary safety record for over 43 years, Waikiki Dive Center offers outstanding PADI discovery programs and complete diving services.  Our instructors are the most experienced and well-respected on the island.  They will be right there on your side to invite you participate in a short lesson and have you perform four essential skills you just learned.  They will make sure you have what you need to feel comfortable and ready for the ocean.

There is a medical form that needs to be filled out and passed to participate in scuba diving activities.  If there are “yes” answers to the medical form, a doctor’s written consent (email or faxed) must be present preceding the diving trip.  We recommend you review and complete the medical form at bookings so that a doctor’s statement can be obtained and planned days in advance of the dive trips.


Discovery Reef Scuba Diving Near Waikiki Beach

Our discovery dives take beginners and certified divers to two natural coral reefs, abundant with the most captivating marine life.

You’ll likely spot friendly sea turtles, schools of rare Hawaiian fish, and plenty of octopus on your own. And don’t worry, our crew members will make sure you don’t miss anything. They have the uncanny ability to spot sea creatures from afar.

Tours depart from Kewalo Basin Harbor or Maunalua Bay, depending on your tour. We provide transportation to and from the harbor.

Here are just a few of the reef dive sites we choose from:
• Angler Reef: We lovingly call this place “octopus heaven” because the place is teeming with fascinating varieties of octopus. This reef also attracts spotted eagle rays and frogfish.
• Nautilus Reef: This is a prime location for octopuses and large eels.
• Kewalo Pipe/Horseshoe Reef: Beware of the large schools of barracuda and the largest morays around the island. They call this place home.

What to bring:

Swimsuit, sunscreen, towel, and waterproof camera. We provide all the diving gear and equipment but feel free to bring your wetsuit if you prefer.

Ask about our GoPro9 rental at our dive shop.